About Us

The USJ5 Residents Association of Subang Jaya, Selangor (USJ5RA) or better known as “Eagle 5” was registered with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia (Reg. No. 0213-05-7) on February 24 th , 2005. Our registered address is currently at No.11, Jalan USJ5/4, Subang Jaya , 47610 . Selangor. Our Committee Members are elected in an Annual General Meeting. These members are not being remunerated in any form of fees or allowance from the Residents Association.


Membership of the USJ5RA is open to any person above 18 years of age residing in the USJ5 area of Subang Jaya. Those who had contributed towards the Registration and Annual Subscription fees are referred to as Paying Members, making up 80% of the association. Those who had not paid the fees are referred to as Non-Paying Members.

To date, the USJ5RA has 162 members comprising of residents and owners of bungalows located on Jalan USJ 5/3, Jalan USJ 5/3B, Jalan USJ 5/3C, Jalan USJ 5/3D, Jalan USJ 5/3F, Jalan USJ 5/4, Jalan USJ 5/4B and Jalan USJ 5/4C.

Our Aim

In line with the Societies Act 1966 requirements, the aim and the objectives of the USJ5RA is to promote goodwill and the spirit of cooperation amongst the residents in the area, to provide an avenue and platform for members to discuss issues such as safety & security, social activities while safeguarding the interest, welfare and safety of the residents. This Association also acts as a channel of communication with the authorities within the location.


Since the launch of the Association, the USJ5RA had continuously reached out to the residents to improve the communication and cooperation amongst members to heighten the security levels in the community. Since the implementation of the ‘G & G’ (Gated and Guarded) concept in 2008, the area is now one of the most secured residential areas within USJ.

Generous contributions from residents allowed the construction of an impressive main entrance entering the area. Smaller entrances as well as a perimeter fencing surrounding the area were also constructed. With the substantial collection of the annual subscription fees, the USJ5RA was also able to engage services of a security company to patrol the area 24 hours a day.


Members of the USJ5RA can now receive alerts/news regarding the neighborhood and community via WhatsApp & Members-Only FB platform. This mode of communication also provided members a platform to send alerts/ news / complains via WhatsApp to the Residents Association which will then be relayed to all participating members after verification.